Anti-Bribery-Management System according to ISO 37001

Implement an anti-bribery management systems according to ISO 37001:2016, and have this system assessed objectively by an independent third party!

Corruption is a widespread phenomenon. It raises serious moral, economic and political problems, undermines responsible organizational leadership, inhibits development and distorts competition.

ISO 37001 can be used to implement anti-corruption processes within the company. This standard is suitable for all company sizes. Through the introduction, companies can demonstrate that they have implemented effective structures to prevent corruption and bribery as well as the associated legal consequences and their effects – such as e.g. considerable penalties and loss of image if publicized.

Why certifiy against ISO 37001?

ISO 37001 certification by an independent third party provides evidence that steps have been taken to minimize corruption risks and confirms the effectiveness of the implemented anti-bribery management system.

Competitive advantages can be gained from this evidence by applying it to customer relations, suppliers, authorities and public tenders.

Conducting a certification can be viewed internally as constructive feedback about the performance of the introduced anti-bribery management system in order to clearly identify the weaknesses and to continuously develop the system through corresponding actions.

Damage prevention and risk control!

An anti-bribery management system, which is designed and implemented for damage prevention and risk control, can refute the accusation that your company is not sufficiently organized and monitored!

Integration into the already existing Management System

The anti-bribery management system can be implemented independently or integrated into an existing management system. It can be applied for example with ISO 19600 and other management system standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 31000, and others.

Differentiation between ISO 19600 and ISO 37001

Both standards differ only in their objective.

Während ISO 37001 als Typ A Standard Unternehmen unterstützen soll, ein Managementsystem zur Korruptionsprävention einzurichten, aufzubauen und unabhängig zu zertifizieren, dient ISO 19600 als Standard Typ B als Leitfaden für die Einrichtung und Erhaltung eines Compliance Managementsystems und hat lediglich Empfehlungscharakter

While ISO 37001 as a type A standard is intended to assist companies in setting up, establishing and independently certifying a management system for the prevention of corruption, ISO 19600 serves as a type B standard as a guide for setting up and maintaining a compliance management system and has only recommendation character.