Compliance audits according to ISO 19600

Implement a compliance management system according to ISO 19600: 2014, and have this system assessed objectively by an independent third party!

When companies had introduced a CMS, this CMS had hitherto been focused on individual objectives and risk minimization strategies. Up until recently, a common standard was missing.

The ISO 19600: 2014 for compliance management systems is suitable for all types of organizations as well as organizational units and can be transferred to entire companies or sub-divisions, such as individual locations or departments. The scope of their application and implementation depends on the size, structure, type and complexity of the organization or the sub-organization.

Management and board members are rethinking!

A member of the Management Board had to pay damages with the verdict of the District Court Munich (LG Munich I, Urt. V. 10.12.2013, 5 HKO 1387/10). This judgment led members of the management respectively board members, who had not felt obliged to introduce a compliance management system (CMS) to rethink.

Damage prevention and risk control!

A CMS, which is designed and implemented for damage prevention and risk control, can refute the accusation that your company is not sufficiently organized and monitored!

Why the certification according to ISO 19600:2014?

There are at least „10 good reasons“ for this