Well Done on your order!

Well Done on your order!

We carry out customer-specific supplier audits in the food sector and in other areas of the industry. We evaluate your suppliers / dealers / contract partners / licensees for you. With respect to compliance with the terms of the contract and other requirements.

Thus, at every stage of production, your products meet your requirements for quality, food safety, environmental protection, work safety and social responsibility.

A vendor audit can be announced or unannounced in an event-oriented manner (for example, when claims are accumulated) and should include the entire supply chain. Both the product quality as well as the processes and risks in the organization of the management system are considered with the aim of better assessing the efficiency of the organization, avoiding repetitive errors and showing possible potential improvements.

Performance criteria to be specified include: order processing / order fulfillment, ability to deliver, reliability, date, qualification and commitment of the employees, compliance with a quality management system, compliance with food law regulations and hygiene regulations such as HACCP, DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 22000.

We support you worldwide with the necessary skills and experience at all levels of the supply chain and thus improve the efficiency of your company.

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