WELL DONE Zertifizierungsgesellschaft mbH is a certification body accredited by DAkkS. Aside from the certifications according to DIN EN ISO 9001, QEP or the parity quality seal we also offer a large number of certifications of persons in the field of quality as well as the implementation of compliance audits according to ISO 19600.

Our headquarters are in Kaiserslautern in Rhineland-Palatinate. No matter where you are in Germany, with our nationwide network of auditors, we are always close at hand with competent contact persons. With our decentralized offices in Hamburg, Kassel and Frankfurt, we are at your disposal with competent contacts.

We deliver our services to any organization and person, regardless of ethical, religious or other discriminatory criteria. The basis is the applicable statutory and official regulations. Similarly, the principle of equal treatment applies to the pricing of our services. We calculate fairly based on uniform specifications and render our performance independently, comprehensibly and transparently.

We offer highly qualified services to our customers

Long-term experience and professional competence as well as great flexibility for the respective customer requirements speak for us. In addition to expert and professional auditing, assessment and examination, this includes further important aspects, such as short reaction times and throughput times, availability, appreciation, courtesy and friendliness.

We have set the highest standards for the qualification and selection of auditors and examiners. Regular continuing education and training of our employees, as well as our active auditors, assessors and examiners, ensure the ongoing high level of our services. Objective auditing and assessment requires a high degree of independence of the certification company and its persons involved in the process.

Integrity and confidentiality are the foundation of our activity

The certification body will treat all information, even those which are the property of their employees or representatives received during the assessment or certification of the quality management system of the customer, strictly confidential if disclosure is not legally required or by the respective normative requirement or by the respective accreditation body. Well Done will not pass them on to third parties without the prior express written consent of the customer. Confidentiality is the responsibility of all WELL DONE employees, all persons acting on its behalf and the members of the committees.

The name WELL DONE is our commitment

Regular reviews and assessments, both internal and external, enable the determination of our quality level and identify potential for improvement and necessary activities. The continuous improvement of the entire organization in regard to the fulfillment of the customer expectations and the achievement of the company objectives is the benchmark to evaluate if we, the WELL DONE company, have done it right and well. Only those who continuously evaluate themselves, assess themselves, and be open to criticism, can be confident to make determinations if others have done it well, too.

Efficient assessments as well as uncomplicated and quick processing

You as a customer with your individual characteristics are in the center of our services. We have the claim that our certification is not just a formal activity, but rather that it advances you and your organization. We help you to implement a lean, non-bureaucratic, effective and efficient management system. We will guide you through the certification process and assume responsibility for compliance with the prescribed procedures and deadlines. For us it is natural that we will realize short reaction times and throughput times, and we will help you with any questions and problems.